Volunteering at Temple

Our temple need volunteers

You can volunteer for few hours once a week or once a month at your convenience. You can volunteer and help us in any of the following activities

Helping at Vidhya Bhavan

  • We teach Mathematics, Tamil, Nepali & Hindi language, Hindu religion and our culture to youth and children at Vidhya Bhavan. If you have a teaching background or you have managed youth and children’s activities this can be a good volunteering opportunity for you. Others are also welcome to support Vidhya Bhavan activities if you believe that you can be a part of upbringing of our future generation. Vidhya Bhavan also need support for non-teaching related activities for example preparation of teaching material, organizing competition or annual day function of school etc. Please email or contact Vidhya Bhavan Principal at [email protected], if you wish to help us at Vidhya Bhavan. 

In the dining hall and Kitchen

  • Every Sunday and on the days of other festival and events you can help us in dining hall and kitchen. You can set up the chairs and tables, rinse the spoons and arrange table with water filled glasses. We are using deposable plastic plates in both the temple to serve the food. You can help us to arrange and neatly stake used plats after the Priti Bhoj. Left over food is dumped in garbage bin and used plates are staked together so that we can dispose them using minimum number of garbage bags. You can also help us to clean and manage the kitchen after the Priti Bhoj is served. This can be a good engagement for parents who’s children are attending Vidhya Bhavan on Sunday. While waiting for your child you can volunteer at your temple. This service will help you to overcome one of the five moral evils that is Ahankar (Conceit).

Tradesman and Handyman

  • We need help from Electrician, HVAC technician, Carpenter, Plumber, Kitchen Appliance Technician and other handyman to do repair work at the temple. However this is not everyday requirement of temple. We would like to keep you contact details with us and as required we will call you to help us. Please complete the contact form on Contact us page at this website by including your name, phone number, e-mail and brief description of your area of expertise. We will keep this information with us and contact you as and when your help is required.

Garden and Yard Maintenance

  • This activity is mainly organized in Spring and Summer. Outside cleaning is organized once in a month between May to September every year. We need around 20 to 40 volunteer to participate in this cleaning initiative. The future dates and details of this activity will be published here in the beginning of the next year. Please visit this page again if you are interested to help us to clean and maintain yard of your temple..
  • At our St. Anne’s location we organize weekly cleaning on every Wednesday at 7 pm for two hours. Several Board members are present on this day and they will let you know how you can help us in cleaning and arranging your temple. You are welcome to join us on any Wednesday at your convenience and enjoy serving your society.

  • Anyone with ages 12 and above can volunteer at our temples. Youth between age 12 to 16 has to accompanied by adults all the time to volunteer. For high school students temple will provide certificate of volunteer hours completed at any of our temple locations.


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