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Our temple need support of Devotees, Members and Volunteers. We serve Priti Bhoj to all our devotees on Sundays and on other major Puja days. All together our Society serve around 80 Priti Bhoj in a year at each temple location. You are welcome to host and serve Priti Bhoj to devotees on behalf of the Hindu Society of Manitoba at any of our temple locations. Hindu Society of Manitoba always appreciate your services to the society as a host. The Society will issue an official donation receipt on the submission of purchase receipts for the groceries and supplies you have consumed to host a Priti Bhoj. On Sundays average number of attendees at our St. Anne’s location is around 300 and at our Ellice location is around 200.

Following instruction will help you to understand your responsibilities as a host of the Society.

Safety Factors

  • Exhaust fans – Two exhaust fans near the stage entrance of the kitchen must be turned on fully BEFORE turning on the stoves. Failure to do so will trigger the sprinkler system which will cause damage to the kitchen and all the food in it. The clean-up cost for this is $5000. Fans must stay on for the duration of cooking. Open the shutters on the counter as well to prevent overheating of the kitchen. Before using the Kitchen, turn on the exhaust fan (it’s on timer, so set for longer hours) located on the wall near the microwave oven.
  • Exercise utmost caution while using the gas stoves, electrical stoves or hot plates. After using them, make sure they are turned off.
  • During the time you are working in the Kitchen, Please ensure there are no children under twelve years are inside the kitchen, and that there are no more than a dozen people are in the kitchen. Overcrowding is one of the major reasons for accidents.
  • Dress – please wear aprons, hairnets and hand gloves (provided by the society) when cooking. Please wear aprons and gloves while handling hot dishes. These items are available in the kitchen. No street shoes are permitted in the kitchen area. Please use cloth or rubber slippers of your own or those provided by the society.

General Food preparation Guidelines

  • The host family must bring their own cooking and helping crew to prepare the food. Member of the Management Committee can be contacted for any help or guidance.
  • The host family to bring Aluminum Foil (for wrapping Chapptis and covering serving trays), Saran Wrap, Disposable Containers and Ziploc Bags for taking the leftover food.
  • Plates, Spoons, Glasses and Napkins are supplied by the Society.
  • Only VEGETERIAN FOOD to be prepared with NO ONION and GARLIC.
  • You are required to bring your own groceries, spices, cooking oil, butter etc. Please do not leave any supplies behind without advising a member of management committee. ALL USED COOKING OIL IS TO BE DISPOSED OF BY THE HOST.
  • Leftover food must be removed and it can be distributed in containers after the food service is over. Please bring containers to distribute the leftover food. Please ensure that there is no food left in the kitchen when you leave. The host can take home all left-over food brought to the Temple. No food shall be left in the Refrigerator or Cooler..

Preparing For pooja Service

  • Bhog Thali – only food that is cooked on the same day should be offered to Bhagavan. There are 9 Thalis, these are kept in the temple. Ask Any Committee members for help – there are also 9 plates to covers these Thalis. Cover only with plates no tinfoil please. These are to be hand washed after use and kept in the temple to dry. DO NOT bring water for Bhagavan.
  • Prepare 9 Thalis for offering as Prasad at 11.40 am and take them to Pooja Hall. All prepared food should be served in the Thalies. Do not break roti, sweets or other similar food items in smaller pieces. Serve them in full quantity.
  • Bring these 9 Thalis immediately after the Bhog and mix it with the rest of the Preeti Bhoj.
  • The host family should attend the Pooja and Bhog service in the prayer hall. The host family is also advised to attend the invocation of Puja at 10 am at prayer hall.
  • Food should be ready to be served by 12.00 noon.


  • Please maintain general cleaning of the Kitchen. All garbage should be properly packed and disposed of in the bins outside in the Parking lot. Garbage cans must be replaced by new garbage bags.
  • Items requiring cleaning should be returned into the Sinks and stored on the counter near the dishwasher.
  • Pots and pans and other cooking and related equipment are available in the Kitchen. If you need any help, Please contact any member of the Management Committee. After cooking, clean pots and pans must be returned back and stored in their marked locations.
  • Tables, chairs and drinking water need to be set up by the host family before starting of the food service. Chairs must be removed and stacked back on the North wall after the food service.
  • counter – all surfaces should be wiped clean after food service. All table tops should be cleaned

The Management Committee thanks you for your assistance, understanding and cooperation on the above matters. This is our temple and our kitchen. Let us to keep it neat and clean.


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