Membership provides you:

  • An opportunity to become an integral part of a community of devotees who share same interests in Hindu religion and philosophy.
  • More involvement in the activities of the Hindu Society of Manitoba.
  • Right to participate in the Annual General Meeting of the Society.
  • You can be nominated and elected as a Board member of the Society, as per constitution guidelines.
  • You get the right to vote and elect Board member of the Society in the event of the election.
  • All the aforesaid objectives shall be carried out on a charitable, non-profit and philanthropic basis, according to the noblest ideas of Hinduism.

How to get/renew membership?

Download the the pdf HSM-Membership-Form and bring it to any of our temple locations to submit them. 
For new memberships, please note that your membership form must be signed by two existing members of the Society as sponsors.
For renewals, you can pay renewal fees by E-transfer to [email protected] - mention your name, phone number followed by remark e.g. "Your Name - Phone Number - Membership Renewal Fees".


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