Temple Etiquette

Inside the Prayer Hall

  • Attending the prayer: Do not enter into dining hall without attending prayer and satsang.
  • Maintain Silence: Maintain silence inside the prayer hall and move quietly. Turn off cell phones, beepers, and watch alarms.
  • Food and Drink: Do not bring food or drink inside the prayer hall
  • Attire: Wear modest attire
  • Shoes: Remove your shoes and place them on the shelves.
  • Seating at Prayer Hall: Refrain from lying down or sleeping. Chairs at the rear are priortized for seniors.
  • Prasad: Do not eat “Prasad” collected after the puja inside the prayer hall except “Charnamrit”. You can eat your “Prasad” once you are out of the prayer hall.


In the Dining Hall

  • Do not bring outside/ home cooked food; mandated by Manitoba Food Safety regulations 
  • Help Seniors and families with young children to find vacant sitting space.
  • Do not reserve tables for your friends and family members. Always allow others to sit on the table if they have collected Preeti Bhoj before you.
  • Do not eat by sitting on the stage. Ask your young children not to run on the stage and hang on the stage curtains or play with surround systems
  • Hindu Society of Manitoba does not guarantee nuts free food. Food may contain nuts. It is your responsibility to avoid consuming food if you or any of your family member is prone to nut allergy.
  • You are requested to clean your table after you finish eating. Bring your used plate to the table earmarked for the collection and stacking of used plates. Drop your left over food in the garbage bin and stake used plates on the table in orderly manner. Please do not throw your used plate in the garbage bin.


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