Our Mission


Our Mission

The principal objectives of the Hindu Society of Manitoba are:

  • To establish one or more Hindu Temples (Mandirs) for the practice of Hindu religion;
  • To undertake activities conducive to the Hindu way of life;
  • To impart to its members and their families understanding of the Hindu religion and the Hindu culture;
  • To establish and operate museums, libraries, schools and institutions for learning, understanding and promotion of Hindu Culture, history and religion, as non-profit services;
  • To promote understanding and harmony between Hindu community and other communities;
  • To lease, own, establish and operate for its member’s non-profit services such as:
  • housing for disabled, senior and needy members, and
  • community centers and healthcare facilities; And
  • to provide aid for mitigating poverty and disaster relief.


All the aforesaid objectives shall be carried out on a charitable, non-profit and philanthropic basis, according to the noblest ideas of Hinduism.


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