How To Dontate

How you can donate to Hindu Society of Manitoba:

Donate for the Growth and Prosperity of the Society

Your donations support the day-to-day operations of the Hindu Society of Manitoba. It helps us to plan for future needs of the Hindu community such as to establish new places of worship or renovate/upgrade the existing ones. The Hindu Society will issue official donation receipt to every donor. You as an individual or your business can claim Charitable Tax Credit for every dollar of donation you make to the Society. There are several ways to donate to the Society.

Charitable Donation Tax Credit Calculator of Canada Revenue Agency can help you to calculate charitable donation  tax credit.

Online Donation

You can donate through Paypal or Credit/Debit Card to support our community cause. Please click on PayPal image     to proceed with your donation. After you make a donation, you will receive an official donation receipt from PayPal Giving Fund directly to your email. This receipt shows that you've made this donation as a charitable contribution.


Securities/ Shares Donation

Hindu Society of Manitoba is now set up to accept the donation gifts of securities (including stocks, mutual funds). Please contact us for further details.


Monthly Donation

This program makes it possible for devotees and community members to donate to the Society on a regular basis. Monthly donations provide a dependable, sustainable income for the Society which helps us to establish long-term plan for the Growth and Development of the Society. You can print the Authorization Form and mail it to any of our temple location. At the end of the year Hindu Society of Manitoba will mail an official donation receipt to your address for the total amount of donation collected during the previous year.

Click here to print the Monthly-Donation-Pledge-Form

Donation at temple

Donations are collected at our office or reception desk on all Sundays and on all the days when Hindu Prayer or Festivals are celebrated at our temple. You can donate by Cheque or Cash. We also have facility of collecting donation by Credit or Debit Card using Interact machine. An official donation receipt will be issued by our Treasurer/authorized collector at the same time.

By phone, e-mail or postal mail:

You can contact the Treasurer of Hindu Society of Manitoba either by phone or email if you wish to make a large donation to the Society. Our treasurer will extend all possible help to you and collect donation form you at your convenience. Alternatively you can also print donation form and mail the completed form along with your donation cheque to any of the addresses shown on the form.

Click here to print the Donation-Form-HSM

Email us at:  [email protected]
Call us at: 204-774-9197/ 204-254-4638 

Donation through All Charities Campaign

All Charities is a workplace campaign that enables employees to donate to charities of their choice. If you are donating to All Charities Campaign, you have option to select Hindu Society of Manitoba as receiving charitable organization.


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