Vidya Bhavan

Dr. Madhuri Jain Vidya Bhavan

ज्ञानम् अनंतम् -  Knowledge is endless

  • Dr. Madhuri Jain Vidya Bhavan is Hindu Society of Manitoba's initiative to ensure that Hindu cultural heritage is preserved amongst our youth..
  • We are trying to build a foundation of language skills by offering classes in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Nepali where we focus on developing reading, speaking, writing skills, and enhancing cultural appreciation.
  • There is no prerequisite of previous knowledge of the language. Anyone above 5 years of age can enroll for the language classes
  • Students enjoy learning through various activities such as circle time, games, music, arts, and craft. Students are encouraged to participate and present during regular puja and various Hindu festivals to enhance sense of belonging and connecting to their roots.
  • In addition to language classes, math classes are also offered to students enrolled in junior high and high school. The mathematics classes include both Vedic and modern mathematics that focus on engaging and sharpening numeracy, critical reasoning, and analytical skills.


  • Our vision is to inspire and educate students to enhance their knowledge and quest to learn, respect and embrace Vedic Culture, Heritage, Values, and Philosophies.


  • Our mission is to preserve, promote, and disseminate Vedic Culture, Heritage, Values, and Philosophies, by providing an optimum environment to educate, learn and showcase knowledge of Bhartiya and Vedic Languages, Mathematics, Yoga, and Dharma.


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